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Christmas Gift Guide


Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner! Here are some gift ideas made by yours truly!


1. Papercut Calligraphy on Frames (P1,200)

13 in by 15 in frame:  Do what you love, Love what you do  /  Make today Ridiculously Amazing   /  Let love be your highest goal

13 in by 13 in frame: Have courage and be kind

image1 image2

image3 image4


2. Personalized Notepads (P120)

These are A6 sized pads that come in craft or black covers. Names and quotes may be written at your request!


3. Personalized Planners (P200)

These are A5 sized pads that come in craft, black, and white covers. Weekly and daily views available. Names and quotes may be written at your request!

Planner4 Planner3 Planner2






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