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Istorya at warehouse eight

Istorya at warehouse eight

It’s one thing to have an eye for what’s sellable, another thing to be a fanatic collector of the things you choose sell. 

I’m not a collector. In fact, I don’t hoard. Nasasayangan akong gumastos, especially if I already have tools that worked. I did feel the pressure to “collect” and try different paints and brushes to keep up with my peers. It was such a thing to take pictures of your “haul” and to do reviews of products. Hehehe. 
Because I’m definitely not a collector, it fascinates me how other individuals are avid fanatics of collecting things. It’s a amazing, and I find it very entertaining to live vicariously through them as an onlooker. 
One very passionate collector is Lennie Dionisio of The Curious Artisan. Her choice of products, her personal selection of typewriters, pens, stamps, and all is breath taking. It looks like a huge fortune, and I believe it is worth a fortune!
There are many enthusiasts out there, and last week, Istorya brought them all together. 
From cameras to newspapers, fountain pens to bicycles, it was a whole new world for me. :)
One most interesting experience was seeing Lennie’s personal letterpress machine in the works! Ohmy!
And hey, The Curious Artisan will be in Art Exchange next week to sell her awesome finds! Catch them on April 22 and 23. They’ll have a letterpress demo in their booth, as well as a modified foiling pen demo by  Camy Cabral and Dr. Gail of The MD Writes. :)

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