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Top 5 Instagram Accounts To Follow

Top 5 Instagram Accounts To Follow


Yao is a watercolor artist and designer based in Columbus, Ohio. She was introduced to painting and drawing at the age of 5. She now creates artworks on paper goods, textiles and art prints.


Screenshot 2016-05-17 14.05.01

Screenshot 2016-05-17 14.05.15

We love Yao Cheng for her refreshing take on loose flowers. The vibrant colours mixed with varying transparencies are beautiful. The use of a lot of wet on wet technique gives the impression that the painting is done in one sweep, making the style doubly inspiring.

You can read more about her here:



Jasmine is a letterer, graphic designer and blogger from Brisbane, Australia. She began doing personal design projects and commissioned work for clients. She has created art print collections and house ware collaborations.


Screenshot 2016-05-18 15.18.05 Screenshot 2016-05-18 15.18.35

Jasmine Dowling is a young lady from Australia. Her discipline in her Instagram posts is remarkable— clean, consistent, creative. We love her carefree lettering. It looks unbothered, but based on her posts, she spends a lot of time studying and rewriting each layout. Beautiful!

You can read her blog here:



Phatcharaphan is a watercolor artist who lives in Hua-Hin, Thailand. She’s held several exhibitions around Thailand to feature her outstanding artworks. She has also received many awards that are very impressive.

Screenshot 2016-05-06 13.24.08Screenshot 2016-05-06 14.01.02

We love Phatcharaphan’s artworks because it’s filled with supple colors. Her layering effect when painting is amazing- it creates soft and smooth strokes. She enjoys painting flowers the most- which makes her artwork full of life.

You can see her artworks here:



Connie is a calligrapher and artist who resides in America. She perseveres to create artworks that praise her Christian beliefs. She has joined many guilds that help establish her love for calligraphy.

Screenshot 2016-05-06 14.02.51Screenshot 2016-05-06 13.33.22

Connie Chen is a calligrapher that shows exemplar skill with nibs. We simply adore the way Connie Chen creates flourishes. She can even create illustrations solely from it. Not to mention, she also has a Spencerian style that’s also very unique.

You can view her calligraphy art here:



Julia is a Russian artist who enjoys travelling. She also has experience on trying a variety of techniques using different media. She is now featuring atmospheric watercolors and graphic 3D illusions. Her She is also a Canson Ambassador.

Screenshot 2016-05-06 13.53.19  Screenshot 2016-05-06 13.57.52

We love how her artworks are filled with intricate details. She creates these paintings every time she travels, which captures realistic landscapes and scenery. Her style is so mesmerizing it’s impossible to ignore!

You can check her out here:


Of course, this list doesn’t encompass the numerous amazing artists out there. These are just some who inspire us with their brilliant works of art!

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