Family Christmas Card | Switzerland


I've been designing the Christmas cards for this family for several years now. Each year is a new theme, and each year better than before!

This year we wanted a square card inspired by a winter Christmas. Martina wanted it full of life and with little critters enjoying the abundance of the landscape. For the background, I went for a classy dusty blue / teal, and illustrated the elements.

Custom calligraphy on the front and center, with silver foil stamping. For added magic, I created some outlines in silver foil too, to align with the watercolor sketch on the bottom. This way, the deer's nose sparkles, and the snow all around has a little twinkle!

Super in love with how it turned out. It's a special project that I do not get too often, and I'm really grateful to have the opportunity to design pretty things such as this.

Also, I'm happy to be part of the family's milestones year on year. I also made the birth announcement card of their daughter this 2021. I don't have photos though, but it's lovely!!!


Shipping Worldwide.

This project was shipped to Switzerland.


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