Secret Garden / 1-pc Suite

Secret Garden / 1-pc Suite

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a bird whistling among the vines

Secret Garden

A little enchanting, dainty leaves abound without definitive pattern. A mix of vines, leaves, and flowers made up by imagination. An untouched patch hidden in the forest. 


  • Names in your choice of calligraphy style
  • Design is recommended to be a mix of blind stamping and foil stamping
  • With options for full print envelope liner and / or wrap

Design includes:

    • Wedding / Event Logo or Monogram (ai and png)
    • Initial Designs + 2 revisions; P500 for succeeding revisions
    • Custom handwritten calligraphy for names and headers
    • Soft copy of invitation layout (jpeg or pdf format)
    • Free color editing to match your wedding motif
    • Does not include map or venue illustration

    Printing includes:

      • 1 big card + Envelope to fit
      • Wax Seal (existing design of your choice, option to upgrade)
      • 280-320gsm cardstock (depending on color motif)
      • Your printing method of choice
        • Digital Printing
        • Designs in Foil Stamp Mix
          • Main card in blind stamping
          • Entourage or info card in foil stamping (based on artist's pick)
          • Outer Envelope in foil Stamping
        • Names + Designs in Foil Stamp Mix
          • All of the above
          • Names on the main invite + select designs in foil stamp

          Other Upgrades or Customization (please contact us directly)

          • Envelope Upgrades
          • Map or venue illustration
          • Add / Reduce Cards
          • Custom Brass Stamp for Wax Seal
          • Ribbon, Twine
          • Handwritten Envelope Addressing
          • Foil Stamping of text or headers on other cards 

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