Wedding Invitations and More

We are passionate about making beautiful things and creating stationery that would add magic and good memories to your celebrations.

Our design and print packages include:
- Wedding / Event Logo or Monogram (ai and png)
- Your choice of design from our semi-custom Collection Suites
- Initial Designs + 2 revisions; P500 for succeeding revisions
- Digital flat printing on 300gsm premium textured cardstock
- Soft copy of invitation layout (jpeg or pdf format)

Read how it works here. Special printing techniques, embellishments and accessories are available as upgrades.
Bespoke Designs (new designs tailor-fit for you) will require additional design fees.

Rush Projects accepted. Please read this guide for our timelines.
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We ship worldwide. Please email me for a quotation. Prices provided are VAT-ex.

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Email me at or thru instagram @inkscribbler; or via whatsapp / viber +639175569544 (no calls)

Ink scribbler invitations

Classic Loose Cards
Collection Suite design, inclusive of 20 free sets

1 Big
1 Small

2 Big
1 Small

2 Big
2 Small

2 Big
3 Small

3 Big
2 Small

Includes envelope to fit. FREE UPGRADE to any envelope color. Cards in standard sizes of 5x7", 6x8" or 5.5x8.5" based on artist recommendation for your design.

Need help? We've curated sample invitations packages for you here. (Page is in progress)


Handmade Papers deckle edge Ink scribbler

Digital Printing

  • Flat printing
  • No additional Cost
Acrylic Invitations - Metro Manila Philippines

Foil Stamping (for 100 cards)

  • P4,800 for full page
  • P3,500 for names only
  • P2,500 for logos or headers
Acrylic Invitations - Metro Manila Philippines

Letterpress (for 100 cards)

  • P4,800 for full page
  • P3,500 for names only
Acrylic Invitations - Metro Manila Philippines


  • P4,800 for full page
  • P3,500 for names only
  • P2,500 for logos or headers
Handmade Papers deckle edge Ink scribbler

Handmade Paper

  • Add P30 per big card
  • Add P15 per small card
Acrylic Invitations - Metro Manila Philippines

Acrylic Invitations

  • P549 per card + P200 Standee
  • No minimum order. Get some for your entourage, parents, or just for yourself! Bulk price available
  • P195 each for 50+ cards
Acrylic Invitations - Metro Manila Philippines

Pocketfold Jacket

  • P60 per jacket (plain)
  • P70 per jacket with die-cut design
Acrylic Invitations - Metro Manila Philippines

Gatefold Jacket

  • P50 per jacket
  • P60 per jacket with pocket
Additional Cards

Additional Cards

P25 - Big card 6x8" / 5.5x8" / 5x7"
P20 - Square Card - up to 6x6"
P15 - Medium - up to 4x6"
P8 - Small Card - up to 4x3"

Gold ink calligraphy on grey envelopes

Envelope Addressing

P50 - Handwritten names
P100 - Names with addresses
P15 - Printed, any font, black ink
(not for dark envelopes)

Envelope Upgrades

P40 - Printed envelope liner
P15 - Plain envelope liner
  *refer to envelope colors for paper options

Foil Stamping / Embossing / Die-cut

P3,500 - Names only
P5,000 - Full Page
P2,500 - Monogram/logo on envelope
P1,500 - Die-cutting (any shape)

Flat rate price up to 100pcs

Foil Color Options

Wax Seals

P15 - per piece, minimum of 20pcs
   *choose from existing designs
P10 - Add on for dried leaves
P20 - Add on for dried flowers (gypsophila stems)
P2,800 - Custom wax seal brass stamp

Wax Seals Designs and Color Options


P800 - Gold gilding (up to 50 cards)
P500 - Add Crystals (up to 100 crystals)
P40 - Translucent wrap with full printing
P15 - Translucent belly band 2" with full printing
P450 - 48pcs - Faux stamps stickers
P15 - Frayed Chiffon ribbon 60" (1", 1.5", 2")

Animated Video Loop

Animated sequence based on your theme and using our calligraphy. For use on LED backgrounds and screens

Double sequence for names and logo
About 50 second loop
Lead time: 5-7 days

Simple video names or logo
About 12 second loop
Lead time: 1-2 days

Watch Sample Videos

Provide the size of the LED screen
Confirm all text before designing.

E-Invite Version
Phone-size Layout

Add-on to your Package
P500 (1 layout)
P900 (2 layouts)
P1,200 (3 layouts)

Design ala Carte
P1,200 (1 layout)
P1,600 (2 layouts)
P1,900 (3 layouts)

Animated Invitations

Add-on to your Package
Design ala Carte P2,500
Add Entourage Page +P500

Submit up to 5 photos

Zoom Background


Design Services

Design Upgrades

Make your day truly memorable and unique with these design upgrades to customize your suite.

Full  Bespoke Design - P9,000
Variation to an existing design (color tweaking for watercolor pieces) +P2,000*
Chinese Wedding Invite layout - P2,000
Hand-drawn Inked Map or Illustration - P2,500
Couple Digital Portrait - P2,500
Other layout for menu card, reception card, programme, etc - P800/layout
Welcome Signage - P3,000 layout including printing on board (max size 20x30in)

*Some suites can be color tweaked without additional costDon't be shy, email your concept, and I'll quote!

Design ala Carte (no printing)

Design is our expertise. You may opt to commission design projects without printing

Save the Date - P2,000
Wedding Logo or Monogram - P2,000
Full Invitation Suite (Collection Design) - P5,000
Full Invitation Suite (Bespoke Design) - P12,000
Full Handwritten Calligraphy Design - +P4,000

Push and Pull out Cards

Pop the Question Boxes

  • Pop the question to your entourage
  • Quote is for 6 boxes
  • P200 for additional box
Push and Pull out Cards

Scratch Cards

  • A fun proposal for your entourage
  • Quote is for 6 cards
  • P140 for additional card

Pop Up Invitations

  • Design + 16 printed sets: 6.25 x 4.5inch pop up card + envelope to fit. See it in action <CLICK HERE>
  • P85 for additional copies (in multples of 8)
  • P15/pc for additional 4.5"x6.25 card (multiples of 8)

Rotating Invitations

  • Design + 16 printed sets: 6.25x4.5inch card + envelope to fit. See it in action <CLICK HERE>
  • P75 for additional copies (in multiples of 4)
  • P15pc for additional 4.5"x6.25 card (multiples of 8)
Wedding Day and Beyond


P85 - Missalette booklet (minimum 20)
P300 - Vow Booklet (1 pair)


P7 - Registration Card ~2x3" *
P15 - Place card flat 2.25 x 3.5"
P20 - Place card tent 3.5x2.25"
P20 - Menu Card 4x8"
P20 - Table Number 4x6"

*1 design, several copies. For personalized cards, please refer to "place cards"

Thank you

P50 - Entourage Thank You cards 4x6" with envelope to fit
P200 - 50pcs Tiny Gift Tags 1x1.5"
P300 - 50pcs Small Gift Tags 1.5 x 2"


P300 - Personalized Notecards with box set 12pcs
P200 - Printed Tote bags 14x16"
P45 - Bubble Tube with tag

Vows Standee

P1,600 per pair with stand

P3,800 - Custom Unity Coins / Wedding Arrhaes
P950 - Engraved Cufflinks
P950 - Engraved Tie Clip