Paper and Envelope Colors

Here are the color options that we use for papers and envelopes. Most of these papers also have card stock equivalent 200-300gsm, for invitation cards. For plain colored envelope liner, you can also choose from these paper options.

  • Please note that colors may differ from the screen
  • Printed envelope addressing is not recommended for dark colored envelopes (marked with red dot)

Other colors may be available upon request for bespoke projects.



We're a fan of the textured white here. It is versatile and clean, and is our go-to paper if you are looking for a classic off-white invitation.

Colored papers do add character and helps introduce the wedding motif to your guests. This is a great way to add a punch of color or go as subtle as you want. However, note that designs and texts will be less readable the darker the paper. This goes the same for choosing an envelope color, if you are opting for printed envelope addressing.



An easy to add extra detail for more luxurious envelopes. 

Left: Plain silver liner in Dusty Blue envelope // Right: Full print liner in custom color envelope




If we will do foil stamping on your invitation, I do suggest choosing a colored cardstock because it appears more special than a white card printed with color. A colored cardstock is colored through any through -- front, back and edges. Something that you won't get from the usual off-white cardstock. :)


Matte gold foil stamping on custom color cardstock



If you would like a specific color for your invitation card background, we can also print the color on our white cardstock, to get the color that you desire. We cannot match it exactly, but compared to existing paper options, the possibilities are endless. The back and the mid-section of the card will be in the paper's original color.

For white text on on a dark background, the process is reverse printing. Instead of printing the text, we print the background and leave the text out. The space for the text that is left out appears to be white on a dark background.

Blue background printed on white paper



We also have white ink that can print on cardstock. Additional fee applies for this.

White printing on Navy blue 


Here's a sample of dusty blue envelope, finished with an antique gold wax seal.

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Wax seals are a great way to "accessorize" your invitations. Check this article for wax seal colors and design options.