Timelines and Rush Projects


Note to our customers:

Production timeline starts after the design is approved and client has signed the printing confirmation. For example, if you inquire today, "Can I receive my invites in 3 weeks?" Usually, we would answer it is possible. Since you are in a rush, our answer also assumes you will place the order and send the final details within the day. Design and 1 revision will finish in 3-4 days, leaving us 2.5 weeks for printing. Please note if you inquire today, and place order / send details after two more weeks, then our answer is also subject to change without prior notice.



Work days are Monday - Friday :) Weekends are sacred :)


Please add 1 week to the timeline during peak season (October - January)

Regular Timeline



Semi-Custom Suites

1 week for initial design

3 working days per revision

3 days for initial design

1 day per revision

For rush projects, Client must send the exact text of the invitation wording with the project. Please ensure that content provided is proofread and final. Only 1 FREE revision allowed for rush design. P500 per succeeding revision.

Bespoke design

2 weeks for the initial design

3-4 days per revision

*Rush not accepted*
Flat Printing

2.5 weeks

1.5 weeks Or 1 week after envelope addressing list is submitted, whichever is later
Flat Printing with Special Techniques

4 weeks

 3 weeks

special printing techniques include foil stamping, embossing, letterpress, etc

Or 1.5 weeks after envelope addressing list is submitted, whichever is later

Handwritten Envelope Addressing

5 days 

2-3 days 
Timeline depends on artist workload. For time-sensitive projects with than 200 envelopes, please message for the timeline
Custom brass stamps

 3 weeks

1.5 weeks You can opt to approve the logo first to start the brass stamp production earlier.
Misalettes 2 weeks please send final text file (doc / word) as approved by the church and priest

*in business days. Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays not included. Subject to change without prior notice, please check this page before you book your project.


Rush rate is 20% of the project price, minimum of P3,000.

We do not waive rush fees.

Everyone is rushing these days. It is not my problem if we start on your invitations late, but when you avail of the rush option, it becomes my problem. :) You are paying for overtime, expedited sourcing, and the disruption of our workflow to prioritize your project. On top of that, we will throw in our sanity, inner peace and good night's rest. These things are priceless to us. If you need your invites by a certain deadline, let's start your project early or pay for the rush fees. :)


For rush printing, artist may make the discretion of choosing readily available materials to meet the deadline. This might be choosing smooth paper instead of textured paper, or printing the background color instead of colored paper. This might also entail a slight alteration of invitation card size, depending on readily available envelopes. For decisions that will involve color changes or noticeable changes in design and size changes, artist will inform the client.


As much as we’d like to keep everything the same, rush meaning that we will have to cut corners where we can save time. We will spend extra costs on expedited shipping between sourcing / suppliers, ordering readily available envelopes and accessories, and disrupting the usual work flow to accommodate the rush project.


Client might also be asked to book for the pick up of the project. If there is no time to consolidate, client might be asked to book the pick up from several locations. (E.g. envelopes from the artists, cards from our shop).


If in case client avails of rush arrangement and changes mind mid-way, 50% of the rush fee will still be charged and is no longer refundable, once we have started on the work even if we have not yet made the first submission.


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Please manage your own schedule.

We do not give "deadlines" for clients to submit forms. We might not be able to follow you up. We do our best to manage your project timeline, but as we handle many projects, please help yourself to submit everything on time and follow up.

Submit late, design starts late and production starts late. :)