Wedding Invitation Content Form

Thank you for your trusting us to create your wedding invitations! 
We are excited to make something exquisite and memorable for your special day.
Kindly fill up the form with your invitation details.


FORM A:  Entourage Template 

  • [OPTIONAL] Skip this if your invite will not include the entourage list.
  • This will lead to a google sheets template. This link is used by everyone, so please download your own copy, or copy-paste the template to your own google sheets.
  • You will need to upload the file OR link the google sheets in FORM B.

FORM B: Invitation Wording 

  • This will lead you to jotform. SAVE button sometimes glitchy.
  • Click SUBMIT to finish your form.
  • Upload the Entourage list template here / Link gsheets
  • Made a major mistake? You can submit again and we will refer to the most recent submission. Typos / wording change can be done in the revisions.

FORM C: Chinese Wording

  • For other languages: If your invitation will only be in 1 language other than English, you can fill you the form directly in English. If you will have 2 versions in different languages, you can send the translation after English version has been approved.

FORM D: Printing Confirmation 

  • Fill this up at a later date, after the design is final and revisions are approved. 
  • To formally close the design phase and move forward to production, to confirm that you have double checked that everything is correct.