Manila and Singapore - based Calligrapher and Invitation Designer.
I adore creating beautiful things with my hands, on walls, frames, and functional merchandise.


Invitations for Weddings
and Celebrations

Hi, I'm Alexis, principal artist of Ink Scribbler. We've been in the industry of designing and creating for the most impeccable clients since 2013. This is where we planted our creative seeds and grew into our business.

We create calligraphy and watercolor designs in world-class quality at rates that are almost a steal. Let us design and produce for you!

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Floating Frames

My signature piece of art. These calligraphy floating frames will add a little soul to any space. From classy home decor, to baby birth details, our floating frames have several variations to light up your senses.

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I'm currently in Singapore where I continue to design
and create art. Local shipping or pick up within Central area.

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Manila is our home-base where my team and I produce locally
Local shipping or pick up within Metro Manila

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Custom Photobooks
for all Occasions

Memories don’t last forever, photos last longer. Send your photos to us and we will create a keepsake that you can touch — a coffee table book, a conversation starter, a walk along the memory lane. Intuitively designed, printed in excellent quality.

Local Shipping Rates to Singapore and Manila.
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Blush and Gold 2021 Invitation

Apr 26, 2021 Alexis Ventura

Giant Mural Project at Greenbelt

Aug 12, 2020 Alexis Ventura

Toblerone Christmas Sleeve

Aug 12, 2020 Alexis Ventura

iPad Pro Launch with Beyond the Box

Aug 12, 2020 Alexis Ventura