ANC ShopTalk Feature

Instinctively, I am shy. My mom would describe my 5-year-old-self as the brooding type, as someone who sits quietly in a corner, watching everyone whilst seemingly cooking up an evil plan. I didn't talk much nor smile and basically copied everything that my older brother was doing.
Eventually, my competitive spirit pushed me to be an extrovert and I got used to "being out there". From participating in ballet recitals as a kid to weekly dance performances and even an international competition later on; from class presentations to speaking in front of my high school batch of almost 300, to leading an organization of more than a thousand in college. Plus with my marketing role in corporate, press and media relations are very much part of the job. I used obsess about self-improvement, so if it is good for me, I do it even if I don't want to. I now enjoy it, most of the time. But now that I work from home and can conveniently lock myself in a room, it feels like I'm retreating into my turtle self again! I make purposeful effort to go out an expand my circles, but that doesn't take away the stress and perceived inconvenience in my mind.


So when I first found out about this TV guesting, I was excited on a business standpoint but also wanted to die inside. I justified this emotion by saying that Monique set this up behind my back, but mostly I was stressed out because it is what it is-- me having to answer questions on TV and having nothing to wear. Hehehe!


These things stress me out (A LOT), especially now that I'm no longer being asked about the new launch product or speaking on behalf of the organization I represent or just as one of the faces in a ballet group. It's no longer about the groups I am associated with, but the interview is about my life choices and what I personally create. It is also the best opportunity for self-doubt to kick in and for fear of rejection get the better of the situation.


But y'know... PUSH. Push back these insecurities and push yourself to do it. Pikit nalang. Hehehe :)


My ever-supportive mother joined me for an hour of rush-shopping the day before, and I got awesome feedback on the dress I was wearing! Hehe :) And on the day itself, my friend Telly accompanied me to the taping. She was my uber efficient alalay who took all these pictures and prayed with me. Really really thank youuuu :) So sweet <3 <3 <3


Here are a few photos behind the scenes :)



You can watch the video here! :) Pardon the awkward start!