Anne Elser in Manila

I’m a bit ashamed to admit this, but I have not picked up a pointed pen for several months now. It’s partly because I felt too “busy”, and I had the procreate app on my iPad in lieu of a traditional pen, and also because I thought there wasn’t really anything new or interesting with my writing.

Though on some days, I still feel new to the world of arts and crafts, it dawned upon me that the month of JULY marks my 5th year of doing this full-time! It’s crazy! I have had my share of ups and downs and looks like now (should be) the end of my writing slump.

So it was with great excitement (and worry) that I got the news that Fozzy, Richelle and Imma invited Anne Elser to teach in Manila!!! After about 16 hours at it (2 full days), it was refreshing.

For someone who has not seriously tried flourishing, I was pleasantly surprised with what I was able to achieve! Imagine that. Two days before, I could not imagine myself capable of doing this. And now here I am!!!

Anne Elser is such an intriguing character. My greatest takeaway is to let go of the fear of ruining my work. I’m just working on paper, and there’s a lot of paper to go around. I think this is what I’ve lost in the past years. Before I wouldn’t mind practicing and making mediocre work. Nowadays, I expect myslef to make a masterpiece of everything I touch. Sayang ang papel. And though I would love to “save” paper, practice is worth a sheet. \ Apparently, the cure to my slump is to keep discovering.

Sharing with you the pictures from the class! 

Thank you so much Fozzy (@thefozzybook), Richelle (@oceanchelle) and Imma (@diyosaimma) for the amazing opportunity to keep on learning!!!

Most photos from Fozzy