Creativity Fridays

[Written June 2015]

Every Friday afternoon, the Ink Scribbler team takes a few hours to get our creative juices flowing again, hone our artistry and make Fridays just that much better. It’s our way of celebrating another fun week at the office. This is something we here at Ink Scribbler like to call #CreativityFriday!


Last Friday, we decided to put a spin on our very first #CreativityFriday. Instead of coming up with our own quotes, song lines and Bible verses, we took to Instagram to welcome requests from our followers. We called this team challenge #ScribbleSomething and it was open to any kind of crafting. We were blown away by the amazing responses we got and we were all so excited for Friday to come so we could start scribbling away.


And finally, it was time for #CreativityFriday to take place! We popped a bowl of popcorn, put our favorite tunes on and let our hands do the rest. Some of us tried brush lettering, some tried calligraphy and some even used watercolor. It was a great way to welcome the weekend!
























Throughout this week, we’ll be posting some of your quotes on our Instagram page. So don’t forget to keep checking back to see if we chose your quote!


In the meantime, here is an insider look at all the quotes that the Ink Scribbler team chose.  If you see your quote below, send us some love and let us know if you totally love it! Happy Monday, crafters!