#itsARTern Workshop with Hey Kessy

[Written May 2015]

ItsARTernWorkshop_8Last Wednesday, Ink Scribbler’s Alexis Ventura, along with Abbey Sy and Hey Kessy’s Mansy Abesamis’s joined together for a craft-filled afternoon. They set-up a private workshop for their interns, that showcased their individual crafting specialty– calligraphy, lettering, and paper marbling.



Now, it was time for the crafting to begin! Ink Scribbler’s Alexis Ventura kicked off the afternoon with her Scribble workshop. Throughout the lesson, she discussed the elements of calligraphy, parts of a nib, and proper dipping of the nib. She demonstrated how to hold a holder and nib and discussed the calligraphy rule of the day. Everyone went through their scribble sheets with practice letters and words, and proceeded to write up their own quotes demonstrating their individual styles.



Next up, it was Abbey Sy’s turn to teach lettering. She began by distinguishing the differences between calligraphy and lettering, and continued on to show examples of lettering from her many sketchbooks. She let all the interns doodle in their notebooks, and encouraged us to take risks and try writing the same word in different styles.


Last, but certainly not least, was Hey Kessy’s Mansy Abesamis’s paper marbling lesson. As she demonstrated how catch the ink on her paper, everyone couldn’t help but be amazed. It was like magic with a white card going into the water, and coming out perfectly marbled.



In the end, once all the paper was done being marbled, the interns combined all three workshops into one card. With the paper being marbled, and lettering and calligraphy overlaid. The class picture was the perfect way to wrap-up an art-filled day! Until next time, crafters!