The First Ink Scribbler Sticker Book

Hello! Rbin here! 

My love for arts and crafts started when I was a kid. Most of my projects back in elementary are all made and designed by hand. I remember asking my parents to buy me sticker sheets of my favorite Pokemons, letters and other decorative sticker designs that I basically use for my projects. I would usually letter, design and decorate the cover page of my assignments a.k.a  book reports and reaction papers with stickers just to make it more “interesting” and creative, LOL.

It’s really nice to know that up to this day, stickers are still a thing not just for crafters but for crafters at heart too! Before, we used to go through the hassle of looking for a store, having no exact idea where to find them. But now, almost all craft stores have become a home where we can get first dibs on these collectibles conveniently.


Ink Scribbler has produced lots of merchandise designs and we’re happy to share with you our collection of almost 500+ stickers in one sticker book! The first ever sticker book of Ink Scribbler! Yay!!! #InkScribblerStickerBook

It contains more than 500 stickers that you can use for journaling, labeling, and scrapbooking. This is super handy, you can even bring this book when you travel to keep your journal up-to-date! One thing for sure though, stickers bring a whole lot of happiness! So go ahead and indulge! 


Purchase the sticker book here. Want to order while on quarantine? Send a DM to @thecraftcentral on instagram.