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This project is the birth of our latest suite, Chinois. I've been thinking about making a suite like this for the longest time, and finally, the perfect clients fell on my lap - my kabarkada from college!

They were going to get married in March 2020, then the COVID lockdown hit 2 weeks before their wedding day. They had a civil wedding when things opened up, and then spent 2021 in Singapore (yay, where I am!) and France for MBA.

So finally when they were planning to have their celebration in 2022, they wanted it to be inspired by their stay in France and Singapore -- from the invites, the decor and of course, the food!

Again they were the perfect client for my Chinois suite. "Chinois" is the French word for Chinese. It is also a word that means strainer (used in the kitchen) as the shape resembles a coolie's hat. But in other words, I take this to mean refined and smooth.


  • Paper: Off White
  • Wax Seal Color: Antique Gold
  • Font: Alon
  • Envelope: Vellum
  • Special Touches


The cards themselves are simple, color palette mostly light with slate grey, navy blue and gold. The main card has a back print of navy blue, as I love being extra (but make it kinda subtle).

The main card and entourage card are die cut to a custom shape. And for the main card, the names are foil stamped in Alon font with a gold border.


I think the most "extra" thing I made in this suite is a custom made sleeve. It is full printed back to back with full page foil stamping of the design and names. For the design, I wanted it to be subtle. Nothing that screams French or Chinese.

For the French inspiration, I sketched out toile de jouy pattern. And for the Chinese inspiration -- the tassels, lilies and koi (in foil stamping).


We opted for a slate grey background for the info card, with a custom venue illustration. 

I reused the sleeve foil stamping plate on their missalettes to give that extra wow factor.

Minimalist vow booklets are ready to order on our site. You can embellish it by stick a wax seal right at the top middle.


I chose a vellum wrap with a simple print of "Benjamin & Margaux". And a pretty magnolia square wax seal to finish.


Congratulations, Benjamin & Margaux!


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