A Wedding in the Forest - Tel Aviv, Jerusalem


Design: Forest


This is a rebirth of our original watercolor collection suites. If you notice, my new designs are mostly clean, classic and versatile. I have retired so many watercolor-based collection suites during the pandemic, but I am revisit a couple of select pieces to breath new life into them.

And so, hello to the new Forest suite. I'm so excited about this project because it's one of the most classy watercolor works we have. Definitely not the usual florals you might see anywhere else.


This suite was commissioned by the mother of the bride to give to her friends. But during the course of our designing and planning, what was originally for about 30 sets became 75 sets, and the originally nonchalant couple also became involved and excited with the actual printed invites!

We get this a lot nowadays - invitations just for the entourage and VIPS while everyone else gets digital copies. So for this, we made their digital invitation extra special too! We even received rave reviews from the guests!



Handwritten envelope addressing - these invites are to be sent all over the world.

I'm proud of this envelope liner. I'm a self-proclaimed maximalist, but I also very much appreciate breathing spaces. This one hits the mark.

As the wedding is set to be in a Forest, the couple and m-o-b chose our design with mostly branches, twigs. Lush, but not overpowering. I also opted for a die-cut RSVP card to give the invitation a playful and unique surprise.

And of course, I very much enjoyed drawing the map  --Tel Aviv (I think is the most expensive city in the world currently!), Jerusalem and Tur Sinai, where the wedding will be.


Needless to say, I am very much enjoyed flexing my creative muscle to bring these invitations to life. The M-O-B gave me a video of the venue -- the greens, stone, sunlight, are very much captured in the look and feel of the set. I love this suite so much because it truly gives a sneak peak into the wedding. 


Congratulations, Daniela & James!


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