Bespoke Blue and Pink Chinoiserie - Pocketfold


This is a bespoke design project. All the elements here were painted and created based on the discussed brief with the couple.

Photos by Oly Ruiz / @dmetroman / Metro Photo

Event Coordination by Jenny Lim / The Wedding Co


Would you look at that. It's fantastic!

Our escort cards, menu cards add a pop of blue on the pink tablescape.

The dream invites is a soft and romantic chinoiserie-inspired painting. I love the effect of the 2 birds in love, it adds life to the invitation.

I'm also a huge fan of this color combination, because it is very unique. It is a happy yet soft shade of blue, with none of the dustiness, and a brave pop of pinks and whites.

It looks like a chinoiserie paradise to me. If you look closely, our watercolor design is also on the floor! (OMG!!!) And I hear that it's also on the cake!

I requested for these official photos from Oly of Metro Photo, and he sent it 2 days after the wedding. Talk about efficiency!!! It seems like the best of the best really are the most efficient. Pat Dy also sends me the photos in a few days. :)


Okay, now for the totally UN-GLAMOROUS behind the scenes photos of the invites.

Main card, Entourage header, RSVP cards and the envelope flap are in silver foil stamping. You'd also see that the main card is peppered with pops of silver foil leaves and border, to add dimension to the watercolor artwork.

Here is the mock up we did in August, since we had a lull time during ECQ3. In the mock up, all elements are flat printed for visualization purposes only.


We started working on the invitations of Elvin and Dianne in 2019. With an original plan to print 400 sets of invites, who would've expected the turn of events that 2020 would bring.

We still ended up with 70 sets (and a last minute request for some more for photos and videos). And with a more intimate set-up we decided to make things prettier and more robust!


We also made tassels escort cards, tent escort cards, menu cards with back to back printing of the bar list, and registration cards. This is the final little details, that we shipped straight to the coordinator Jenny Lim. I almost memorize her shipping address because of all our projects. :)


We also printed matching Misalettes for the couple. You might be wondering about the color differences, esp of the envelope and paper -- these are all the same in real life! Different staff took the photos with different phones, backgrounds and time of the day, that's why it looks different here.

And then we printed 2 bar lists and 1 seat plan. The bar list is printed on 22x36" sintra board, while the seat plan is on 24x36". We delivered this straight to the event venue on the day of the wedding, along with 3 easel stands they rented out.

Hah! These behind-the-scenes photos are really "behind the mess". Bespoke projects are meticulously, but worth it. I do have BETTER PHOTOS to show you, showcasing our design and the little embellishments we made. Stay tuned for that!



With the pandemic, I notice that there are more grooms handling the invitation process than before. Here's a little thank you note from Elvin. I was surprised too that Jenny (the coordinator) sent me a THANK YOU text after the wedding... seems like all the aunties gave praises for our hard work!


Congratulations, Elvin & Dianne!


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