Blue and blush pink square invitation / Boracay

Design: Flow

Envelope: Biscuit with logo print

Flat printing on off white card stock

Square Invitations


A classy and subtle beach themed wedding invitation. All cards in flat printing only, with the names and headers in "gold" color (more like a brown ochre). I love how it still pops out even though it's not foil stamped! :)

Blush pink envelope with couple's initial logo

Square cards, couple's names in Alon font. Added a gold string with shells for texture!

Venue map of Boracay, highlighting the venue, Lind Boracay. Coordinator is Amanda Tirol of Boracay weddings.

We also make their Aljon and Kayesha LED screen video to match 



Congratulations, Aljon & Kayesha!


Ink Scribbler is a calligraphy & design company focusing on wedding invitations / stationery printing. Based in Metro Manila, Philippines, shipping worldwide.

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