Blush Floral and Foil | Manila


Design Suite: Hollie and Secret Garden


I wanted to make something extra special for my college kabarkada who was getting married. Would you imagine, because of the pandamic ( haven't flown home to the Philippines for 2 years+), I haven't met his wife personally. Huhu

They're a super sweet and chill couple. So even if they only needed 20 printed sets for an intimate wedding, I wanted to make it extra special. 

Charles and Candee

First was their wedding logo turned family crest. it's a play with 4 C's, as their first names and last names all start with C. :) I made a simple and classy 4-leaf clover with each leaf resembling the letter C.

Custom Brass Seal + Antique Gold Wax Stamp

I incorporated the climbing flower vines design from the Secret Garden suite. This appears in foil stamping on the main invitation and unplugged ceremony card. And in blindstamping for the entourage and Chinese card.

I love how stamping (foil or blind) really adds texture to the cards. In my next few projects, I'm playing more on blind stamping, can't wait to show you.

Photos by Caliber King. I love the moody vibe!



Congratulations, Charles & Candee!


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