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Design Suite: Botannia

Font: Heritage Font


It seems that our Botannia Suite is becoming a crowd favorite for many couples. It is romantic, flexible, just the right amount of chaos. 

This is the couple's second set of invitations. Their parents wanted something more special to give away to their friends. I'm not certain about the details, but perhaps their first set of invitations was maybe smaller or not printed on luxury paper. 

We made this one extra special with the main card printed on acrylic, a vellum wrap and a photo card. All inkjet printing on luxury 350gsm paper, rushed and delivered in 10 days. (Whew!)

All these are just flat printed, no foil, no embossing, but as it is it looks great!

I love the monogram of the Botannia suite. So elegant and romantic.

Then we made a special Luxury Presentation Box for the couple. The box cover is with their logo in matte silver (Line in between JA was installed after taking the photo). The main acrylic card floats on top of a bed of silk petals to match the couple's motif. Then all the cards are fitted in a pocket under the box cover.

Apol also asked us to make an acrylic signage for hanging on the day of the wedding. This is 24" x 34", with punched holes at the top. The background is handpainted dusty blue.

This is the peg we were going for. Cannot wait to see the magic of their stylist!


Also on top of that, we made the LED video as well. :)




- Botannia 4-pc Suite (Digital Print)

- Acrylic Main Card

- Venue Illustration (Sketch)

- Vellum Wrap (Plain)

- Logo/monogram on envelope flap

- Luxe Invitation Box

- Vow Booklets (Design to match your invitation)

- Event Signage (Big Acrylic with Painted Background)

- LED Screen Saver Video


Congratulations, Jerome & Apol!


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