BTS Themed Debut Invitation


For an intimate backyard debut, I was contacted by the debutante's sister to make a very special invitation! So very sweet!

Our theme was Dynamite, which was the very much trending song everywhere at the time of of our designing process. We decided to go with a vinyl themed invitatio.


The album cover had the debutante's name in a dynamite font.


The vinyl had artowrk had the details of the party -- date and venue

Then the back side of the album cover had a version of the Dynamite chorus, turned into an invite. How creative, right! Truly a work of love by the debutante and her family!

The invite has this text that is their own version of the Dynamite chorus, even including some COVID reminders.

Put your shoes on, get up in the morn’ on
Friday, April 9, 2021 
Join the crowd at 3 in the afternoon
Let’s rock and roll in your 90s outfit
So we can dance to the break of dawn--
Oops, ladies and gentlemen, it’s still the pandemic, so we should keep our eyes on the ball
We’ll be under the stars that night
Bring your face mask and shield, let’s set the night alight
Shining through the city with social distancing
Still, we’ll light things up like DYNAMITE
Thank you to Jenelyn for this project and  Rio Jones Photography for the photos!




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