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In the past year, I think I've done a lot of "first times" in my 9 year career as a wedding invitation designer. This is my first Muslim invitation.

The groom was quite specific and knew what he wanted. Blind embossed names, surnames on the flap, and debossed text on the main card. 

We ended up with 2 big cards and 1 small card. :) Look at that embossing. I know little about Islamic art and architecture, but the cleanliness and proportions of this suite reminds me of it.

Blind embossing on the flap, which we reused on their entourage card header.


Caution: random Christian thoughts ahead :)

For a bit of background, here is my origin story

As a Christian, I do have some questions if this is okay for me to do. After all, most invitations include statements of praise and worship. These projects have already been committed / paid for before I know what religion the ceremony is, as I only need it during the design and layout phase.

I've put my foot down in not accepting handwritten projects involving verses or drawings from other religions. I don't know if that makes a difference, as I guess typing / copy pasting from the form is a bit the same.

Jesus has never been about exclusivity (though heaven is quite exclusive) and I may as well be the only "bible" that my clients ever read. I feel like I should exert more effort to share God's love and truth more, with respect and without expectation.

In some cases, I do feel that I may be overthinking as perhaps other printing suppliers (and their layout artists) won't even give this a second thought. In the end, I mean to give each invitation I create with love and care, no matter what it is.

I'm just sharing some thoughts that I will park for another day.


Congratulations, Razul & Nurhasmin!


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