Dusty Blue Celestial Suite / California


  • Design: Celestia
  • Calligraphy Style: Heritage
  • Foil Stamping in Shiny Silver
  • Blind Stamping (Celestia Design on Main card)

A dusty blue, star-infused suite for Gerardo and Monica. I decided to have modern twist with clean lines and shapes. A little different from the "galaxy-inspired" suites I've done in the past.



Here's an oldie but goodie (but also with many copycats) from 2014  :))


This suite was done in 2 languages - English and Spanish. We finished the English version first, then once the layout was final and approved, the couple sent me the text in Spanish.

I very much enjoyed this suite from conceptualizing with the couple to choosing the material. To reinforce the galactic theme, we decided to make a special asymmetrical wrap. I was inspired by how constellations look random but connected with geometric patterns. With the wrap, we incorporated a little geometric silhouette (triangles, trapezoids, etc) without having to be literal about it. Tada! Magic happens when stars align.

The couple also shared with me this adorable idea of putting their monogram on m&m's! I'm suddenly craving for sweets!


This set was shipped to the USA :) So happy that the couple received it in one piece, because they shared a horror story about their civil wedding invitations. (eep!)



Congratulations, Gerardo & Monica!


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