Dusty Blue triptych acrylic Invitations


Jayson and Clarmaine's acrylic invitations for their intimate wedding in Lemuria Restaurant.

The design was made by the bride's friend and sent to us in PDF format for editing and prepping to print on acrylic. Usually we work with just a clear background for acrylic invitations, but this one has a solid color splash of blue. They made it in a way that when put side by side, it forms a triptych! Cool. 

Photos are beautifully captured by Chestknots Studio


We love the added touch acrylic invitations give to the on-the-day shoot. Look how it interacts with another see-thru material -- a lace umbrella!

Whether you want to give your guests acrylic invites or just a set for yourself,


And here's some more less glamorous photo fresh off production. We don't remove the protective film to prevent from scratching, you can remove it yourself when it arrives safely. :) We also have standees available if you want to display it in your home!


Message us! You can submit your own design and no minimum order. :)


Congratulations, Jayson & Clarmaine!


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