Emerald and Gold - Manila

Design: Secret Garden

Coordinator: Jenny Lim


Our bride Nicole sent me her pegs late last year, about 6 months before her wedding. Her photos really got me going! I loved creating these layers of textures couple with delicate (and a little chaotic) growth.

This gave birth to our SECRET GARDEN SUITE.

Main card is so dreamy and luxurious! Our cards are thick at 300-350gsm, but blind stamping and foil stamping really add thats extra impact!


Chinese card with foil stamping and blind stamping


Entourage card with full foil stamping of titles and blind stamped design



New stuff always come with some birth pains. We wanted the envelope liner to be full of texture as well. But because liners are usually 120gsm only, the blind stamping became a little messy. I decided not to push through with this anymore.


Because Nicole told me she wanted day-of-wedding stationery as well, we were able to maximize the print run. See their misalette is also foil stamped with the stamping same design of their main card. We were able to add the glam with minimal additional costs! The misalette covers were printed along with their invitations, then the text came in a few weeks before their wedding. 



Another way we made this suite super efficient was the escort cards. We used the same foil stamp design as their envelope / main card. Then added a custom die cut so we can just put in the names when available.



- Secret Garden 4-pc Suite (Names + Design in Foil Stamp)

- Chinese Invitation Layout (with Printing) 

- Venue Illustration (Sketch)

- Secret Garden Envelope Liner 

- Secret Garden / Foil Stamping on outer envelope

- Wedding Missalette

- Secret Garden Place cards



Congratulations, Carl & Nicole!


Ink Scribbler is a calligraphy & design company focusing on wedding invitations / stationery printing. Based in Metro Manila, Philippines, shipping worldwide.

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