Classic Heritage Suite | Manila

Envelope and RSVP card: Biscuit (a beige with a light hint of pink)
Main card in COPPER foil stamping

I love the clean layout, and feminine colors. It is soft and endearing.

My favorite part of the suite is the wedding monogram that crowns the main page. It has its own space that lets the design breathe a little, then followed by the regally worded text in all capitals for good measure.

The reception card details is printed on semi-transparent paper, for a soft look.

A little tweak from the original suite -- we have the entourage card printed in rose colored ink for a soft look, instead of black.

  • Envelope and RSVP Paper: Biscuit
  • Venue Card: Vellum
  • Main invitation and Entourage: Off White


Peek into the RSVP card, we added a few COVID reminders for pre-event testing required prior to entering the venue.

As requested by the bride, a custom text was written on the envelope flap. A quote to commemorate their big day. 

The envelope is then sealed with a custom wax seal of their FA monogram. I was not able to take a photo of this, but we reused it for their escort cards too!

Don't mind me as i toot my own horn, but I'm proud of this elegant design!
I cannot wait for the official wedding photos!

Congratulations, Francis & Amielyn!

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