Gypsophila Dusty Blue and Powder Blue / Manila


Design: Custom

Names Style: Print

Wax seal: Antique Gold

Natural Twine

Papers: Off White


I did a few video calls with the groom Francis, who is based in Dubai. Our conversation was carried throughout WhatsApp and he clearly communicated what he liked. Actually, he had a friend make the designs already and it pretty much set the whole look of what we are going for. But since we were quite in a rush to ship to Manila and Dubai, I had to recreate the design to meet our requirements.

Side note: Most people who already have the design in works would send me psd files or jpg images. Sadly, I don't work with photoshop as texts are not vectors. If you submit a photoshop file, I'll have to recreate it especially if we want foil stamping, letterpress, or printing on acrylic. For flat printing though, I'm not picky, jpg files will do as long as I don't have to edit anything. :) Some clients are able to submit in PDF files, which is much better but is still a lot of work to prep into printing files, especially if the texts are not outline. hahahuhu.

Anyway, I'm super happy with how this project turned out. Francis also wanted a luxe invitation box (He's my first customer) and we designed the box to his specifications. It came with an MOQ though, but I was quite excited with the possibilities, I ordered it anyway and now we are able to cater to couples who just want 1 box for themselves.

Couple submitted their own version of the venue illustration, but I also had to recreate as acrylic printing has to be super clear or else the printing will be fuzzy.
Powder blue and dusty blue. I think we nailed the assignment!
We added burlap and twine for a touch of Filipiniana. Being an overseas couple, they wanted to add something reminiscent of the Philippines.
I don't have a photo of their suite, but I do have a video here. We also made an LED animation for them, customized with their photos. A triple sequence.

Congratulations, Francis & Christine!

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