iPad Pro Launch with Beyond the Box

A few weeks ago, I was invited to Beyond the Box's third workshop series- Box Talks: Strokes & Sketches. The event was held in Le Petit Souffle, Makati, featuring Managing Director of New Leaf Ventures and digital art enthusiast, David Bonifacio.


David Bonifacio, as he speaks about Digital Art in Box Talk; Strokes & Stretches.

David Bonifacio chooses to create art through digital media such as his Apple iPad Pro and iPad Pencil. He showed some videos on how separate artworks using the Procreate app. I was amazed!


With Gaby Hermanos and Marga Fajardo.

As a short exercise, he asked us to create our own version of Le Petit Souffle's desserts in just fifteen minutes.


RJ Dancel and I collaborated to create our digital artwork for Le Petit Souffle's Matcha Dessert. It was such an enjoyable challenge! We had a lot of fun illustrating around the dessert.

This was my first experience handling the Apple pencil. It was so beautiful. I've tried other stylus before and nothing compares to this. Too bad it only works on an iPad Pro. And since I just bought a new Macbook air the month before, I couldn't afford to splurge on another gadget!

A week after, one of our officemates received an iPad Pro from her parents. Lucky girl! I got to play with her Apple pencil and Procreate app, and I inevitably fell in love with it. It just my work time by half because I can draw letter cleanly with the pen. Once you use image trace, the vector file ends up clean as compared to working with scanned brush and nib strokes.

Since this event, I've been back at Beyond the Box twice. First was to buy a lightning to HDMI cable for my iPad. This revolutionised the way we hold workshops (haha, I'm so late, I know!). No need to go from table to table to do my demos, we now project it on screen! This move frees up time so we can better address specific concerns of the participants. Yay! Next was to buy an Adonit Touch with Pixelpoint. Instead of going for an iPad Pro, I decided to try my luck with my iPad Air. I researched for the best stylus that has pressure sensitivity and within 2 hours of getting the idea, I drove myself to the nearest Beyond the Box. Haha!

This workshop was definitely a work-changing experience. From using my iPad once or twice a month, I now utilise it everyday! Now, time to save up for an iPad Pro. *wink*


Box Talk: Strokes & Sketches Attendees

If you're still hesitant to try digital art, Beyond the Box offers comprehensive tutorials on mobile apps- such as Safari, iBooks, iMovies and Notes.

Though, in David Bonifacio's words, "Drawing is simple. Everything else is practice!" We're given access to technology that can make creating (art) so easy.



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