Light Peach Passport Suite / Manila

Design: Passport

Names: Print


“And we will travel together and just be in love forever.” A unique and notable way to share the love for adventure and exploration on your wedding day. The spirit of wanderlust and journey of love captured in our Passport Suite!


Foil stamped wedding logo from our Secret Garden Suite with a miniature airplane in gold thread as an opener for this travel-themed suite. 

A boarding pass as an RSVP card. 

Venue Illustration of the reception is also added to the suite.


Congratulations, Marie Isabelle & Raphael! Your greatest adventure has just begun. ♡




- Passport Suite with Boarding Pass

- Wedding Logo in Secret Garden

- Foil Stamping Service

- Venue Illustration



Ink Scribbler is a calligraphy & design company focusing on wedding invitations / stationery printing. Based in Metro Manila, Philippines, shipping worldwide.

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