Luxe Presentation Box in Blue Celestia / Manila

Design: Celestia

Calligraphy Style: Heritage


A harmony of elegant cream and hues of blue in Celestia; a cosmic-inspired theme. This motif together with an invitation and ring presentation box is perfect to hold memories on an everlasting esteem. Speckled in sweet galactic details, this suite embodies a love written within the stars.

An invitation suite in cream and a variation of blues for a love foretold by the cosmos.

Silk petals in a luxury invitation box with an acrylic version of the invitation to forever cherish.

The main card printed in acrylic and the other cards to fit on the box's pocket.

To match with the invitation box, a luxe ring box with the couple's logo and custom quote. 

The planets, the fates, and all the stars aligned for this joyous moment for Patrick and Samantha. ♥️





- Celestia Suite

- Luxe Invitation Box

- Luxe Ring Box


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