Menu Cards and Envelope Addressing

[Blog Post from Oct 2014]

I think that it is always a big deal to be chosen as a wedding supplier. A wedding is an event, and events are moments in time. And therefore you don't get a lot of chances to make it perfect. Some couples are very very very particular, some are more relaxed. After all, the wedding day is a milestone. What's more important is the "rest of your life" that comes after, which I hope and would think is the funner part. But that does not really stop you from wanting a perfect day, right?

If I'm on my toes trying to make each project as close to perfect as possible, I cannot imagine how brides feel when turning over her dream wedding to suppliers. There is a lot trust exchanged in that handshake. The bride trusts the supplier to deliver, and the supplier trusts that the bride won't be fickle in her choices. (haha!) Bottom line, I am quite certain that it is difficult to work with someone who doesn't trust you. Same goes for love, I guess.

I have been writing on wedding invitations and tags for about two years now (yes, that doesn't seem like such a long time), and each project still gives me butterflies and jitters. Butterflies because each project is unique and there is always something new to learn. I really love how brides react to the output, how what I've made with my hands make them all the more excited for the wedding. It makes me all giddy inside! Wheee! And jitters, because there's just so much room for error. A lot of things can go wrong and we have a very finite number of envelopes. My greatest nightmare would be writing the guest list on the wrong envelopes. That would be very horrible. That's why I sometimes go crazy when packages get dropped off without labels. Oh the horror!

Here are the common, practical, and sometimes stupid mistakes that I am very careful to take note of. Might save you that last envelope in tightly numbered project.

  • Correct guest list for the correct envelopes (Haha! You never know! Especially when you have several projects in line)
  • Print the guest list for ruling, take note of all the revisions
  • Font style choice
  • Ink color
  • Swatch test -- for those tricky papers, I do ink tests for clients to choose from
  • Envelopes are right side up
  • Where to dry (can they stand on the drying rack? if not, clear up some space)
  • Write in sequence -- so you can proofread easily
  • Proofread -- T's are crossed, titles have .'s, etc
  • Pack in categories (if if the client categorized the list)
  • Wrap them up to protect from dust and accidents
  • Count everything: Completed, Waste, Extras
  • Label properly for pick up

It's not as simple as it sounds like, but it is manageable as long as you have the time and patience. It really can be a headache sometimes, especially when you still have 20 envelopes to go with no extras left. I start praying like crazy when that happens. Thank you Lord for allowing me to survive those projects. Hehe :)

Hope this helps! I think we should have a workshop about this one day to share best practices! What do you think?





Sharing with you some beautiful photos from the wedding of Jaime and Mahalia. This wedding was purely a writing project -- hundreds of envelopes with addresses, almost 200 menu cards, 100+ escort cards. :) My hands were happy and satisfied with the outcome, and oh my, these photos are just beautiful!

Thanks to the couple for trusting me! :)

M+J_071214_1964 M+J_071214_1566 M+J_071214_1507 M+J_071214_1385 M+J_071214_1373 M+J_071214_1346 M+J_071214_1335 M+J_071214_1332 M+J_071214_1328 M+J_071214_1323 M+J_071214_1161 M+J_071214_1129 M+J_071214_1125 M+J_071214_1084 M+J_071214_1076 M+J_071214_1060 M+J_071214_1057 M+J_071214_1018 M+J_071214_0998 M+J_071214_0940 M+J_071214_0916 M+J_071214_0872 M+J_071214_0565 M+J_071214_0539 M+J_071214_0249



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