Opulent Red and Gold Old Shanghai Suite


Design: Old Shanghai

Calligraphy Style: Liham


The bride, Cindy, emailed me that she wanted an invitation that's angpao themed and pasted some luxury red envelopes from designer fashion houses. I was immediately intrigued and excited, as I have been mulling over an "Old Shanghai" themed invitation for a while. It was a perfect match.

II love how the format is unique. Originally, my Old Shanghai design would be on the usual 6x8 card format (which we can still do). But having an angpao theme adds a new dimension to it.

Cards are slim. But turns out clean as the couple did not have a long entourage list. The main page here is in full foil stamping, with a back-to-back printed design (digital printing).

The envelope is in full gold foil stamping. Embellished by a double happiness wax seal.
Names in liham font. A belly band with metallic gold ink on premium paper.

For this design, I added a die-cut rounded corner to each of the card. This die cutting feature is not part of our Signature Suite, and can be included as an add-on.


I originally wanted a new layout for the Chinese card, to fit the theme. The one on the left is my inspiration, I think it's a Japanese invite form Pinterest.

The one on the right is my draft layout. It didn't make the cut though, as the parents wanted the traditional layout :) Maybe another project!

I would recommend this to my tinghun brides!


Congratulations, Sunyin & Cindy!


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