Purple Palazio Luxe Invitation Box / Manila

Design: Palazio

Calligraphy Style: Alon

Regal elegance in a box! Our Palazio Suite complements this luxe box really well with its predominant royal purple motif, gold accents, and wispy vines with charming purple blooms. This invitation suite surely transports the guests into a fairytale-like setting of finest grandeur.

Our Luxury Invitation Box features the main card printed on acrylic with the other cards fitted on the box's pocket.

The 3-pc suite is in off-white cardstock, big cards in a custom die-cut shape; flat printing with accents of gold foil stamping; full-print Palazio Wrap; and envelope liner with colored church venue illustration. The luxe box is added to the package to complete.

A closer look of the printed acrylic in a mix of white and matte gold with royal purple petals inside.

In addition to the suite; a Chinese card to match, with the double happiness in foil stamping and text in flat printed CMYK gold.

The RSVP card with a sketched venue illustration and an additional outer envelope to fit.

Foil Stamped logo on the info card.

The couple also had some of their accessories from us, here are their crystal cavern ring box and gold glass box for the unity coins with their initials atop.



Congratulations, Jefferson & Angelica Rose! Wishing you love, today and beyond ♥️



- 3-pc Palazio Suite

- Luxe Invitation Box

- Chinese Card

- Full Print Envelope Liner

Palazio Wrap / Gate

- Colored Venue Illustration

- Logo Foil Stamping

- Double Happiness Foil Stamping

- Sketched Venue Illustration

- Small Additional Outer Envelope

- Crystal Cavern Ring Box

- Unity Coins with Glass Box


Ink Scribbler is a calligraphy & design company focusing on wedding invitations / stationery printing. Based in Metro Manila, Philippines, shipping worldwide.

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