Roxanne and Paul Intimate Wedding in Hong Kong 2021

2021 Wedding in Hong Kong


As 2021 is another year of all sorts of first, this wedding is also our first time to design a suite and print for just 2 sets! We set the copies to her fiance's family in Manila, who then sent it for them. Though we are used to printing invitations in the hundreds (up to 400 sets!), having just 2 pieces made is not farfetched. :) Recently, we've been loving the trend of creating acrylic versions of wedding invites for photo and keepsake purposes. 


My favorite part is the illustration of their church. It highlights the venue and makes it all the more personal!

Nowadays, with all the rush and logistical complexities of the pandemic, I am certain that brides are not having the easiest experience with wedding planning. Especially in Manila, there is a lot of anxiety in waiting for the gathering permit to be approved just days before the actual event! 
Rox was such a darling to work with though! She knew what she wanted and we were able to make it happen quick and easily. Now, just weeks after the big day, we're working on her wedding album and we're already full speed ahead in printing! :)
Our heartfelt congratulations for this lovely couple, Roxanne & Paul!

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