Royal Classic Wedding | Manila

Suite Design: Reigna

Photos by Pat Dy Photography


The bride approached me with specific requirements, she wanted it to be royal and classy, and something that her parents would definitely be proud to give to their friends. 

We played around with a couple of things, but ended up with a classic. I created this new suite, Reigna.

It is regal and classic, clean, modern with a royal Victorian vibe. I made this possible with the ornate borders, but sticking to a monoline design that's very on-trend now. As I am recently exploring my maximalist style, I wanted it to be intricate but restrained. TBH, I really wanted more more things, but I had to control myself, haha!

This is a large square card at 8x8 inches, which we do not usually offer. It's a custom size requested by the families. I enjoyed this route to make our invitation a little bit grander, and yet still calm and not imposing.

Names on the card front is in GOLD foil stamping, glistening in the light and playful in all angles. Borders are in thermography, as it was a bigger run. We usually do not offer this service anymore though, as I do love foil stamping and letterpress as they are.

The couple also used their logo for their vows layout. I do submit that editable file, and you can share it will other suppliers!


Check more of the reigna suite here.


Congratulations, Kelvin & Mary Joy!


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