Royal Gold Wedding with Lasercut Jacket | Manila


A simple yet stunning invitation by our bride Crissa. This project went through a couple of hiccups, as it was my first time to truly customize and design an intricate lasercut jacket. 


I was initially going for an ultra intricate jacket. I LOVE HOW IT TURNED OUT.... But it took the machine 40 minutes to finish one. Which also meant that the cost estimate is P750 per jacket.. Nooooooo!!!




I'm totally in love with the intricacy, but I had to go back to the drawing board and pour my heart out onto the design while managing the complexity (and costs!). It took my about 3-4 revisions, and many hours to come up with what we had.

The jacket is still customized to match the bride's gown with leaves design, and with the couple's initials.

For the cards, our bride Crissa wanted something very clean, simple and legible. The cards were printed digitally, but together with the jacket, it is stunning.

Elegant and classic design for the cards, with the couple's name as the star of the show.

My custom illustration of Shangri-La at the Fort is quickly becoming a classic!



Captured in photo by Pat Dy


Congratulations, Kendrick & Crissann!


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