Shades of Pink and Acrylic invitation / Virginia

Design: Gallerie Suite


A sweet and dainty variation of our GALLERIE SUITE -- die cut acrylic main card, with ROSA envelope liner and vellum wrap

Shades of pink

Acrylic main card

Venue Illustration

ROSA Envelope Liner

Rose gold wax seal and vellum wrap in ROSA



- Gallerie Suite design

- Acrylic Card Set

- Vellum Wrap in ROSA

- Envelope Liner in ROSA

- Venue Illustration

- Die Cutting Service

- Custom Logo Wax Seal

- Wax Seal

Gold Thread


Congratulations, Sylvia & Jeremy!


Ink Scribbler is a calligraphy & design company focusing on wedding invitations / stationery printing. Based in Metro Manila, Philippines, shipping worldwide.

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