Vintage World Love Letter | Boxed Invitation


Suite Design: REIGNA Signature Suite
Bespoke Assembly
Full Hand Calligraphy Upgrade
A custom design for a special couple. Daryl messaged me with a unique idea in mind, and we were both excited to see it come to life! Projects like these do not come often enough. Though the classic envelope will never go out of style, I find that unique invitations are memorable gift for the recipients, and an exciting challenge for me! Whee!

The idea is to have an old-wold vintage boxed invitation. The main card is a scroll (about twice the size of the typical invitation card), and the details displayed on  separate cards on the side.

We upgraded to "full calligraphy" where after doing a digital layout for approval, I penned the words one by one to give a raw and human touch. The digital version is printed on all the scrolls, with hand-torn edges.

We wanted it to like an old love letter. I contacted some friends to cost me out for baking and staining, but it seemed too tedious to do for this project. We ended up with double-sided printing of the background, which I designed.

The inner front cover of the box also has a map card, where I drew the route from the Church to the Reception.

In all honesty, my favorite project is designing the box and the tray. I love computing for these things. I made some changes to our original peg to make it easier to assemble. I designed for a cut-out to serve as the fence without having to allot paper and pasting for it. From a technical and assembly standpoint, I think my design is just GREAT. :))


Could you believe that this uses our REIGNA Signature Suite? It looks totally new and different. But I loved how the borders of our REIGNA suite is so flexible that I can use it for a vintage-themed project like this. It adds a touch of royalty.

Even the logo is taken from the REIGNA suite. For the box cover, we opted for copper stamping. I had to be careful in designing the background to make sure that copper will be visible on brown. I ended up with something absolutely glowing ;)


If you follow me on instagram, you might know that I am currently in Singapore. I do the designing from here and coordinate with the production in Manila. The people I work with are very smart and efficient, and I just really thank God for that. THANK YOU LORD! 

But especially for projects like this, we had to do a mock up. It involved a lot of technicalities and measurements, and the assembly is a mouthful. Definitely a leap from loose cards stuffed into an envelope.

So while were were doing the mock ups, the team sent me this photo on the left. My heart sank. I kept rolling it in my head, how did I get the measurements wrong? I would've made the tray bigger and the scroll bed slimmer. Good thing that only lasted a few seconds as soon as I realized that the scroll assembly was off. To make it appear bigger and the star of the show, it had a double roll.

Here is another photo of the mock up. Map measurements were adjusted and we changed color for the wax seals.


This project was a LOT of different pieces and elements working together. From the belly bands to the string, it was A LOT OF DETAILS. 

It's a lot, but I'm definitely very happy to have this under my belt.

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Daryl and Rolf!


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