White and Gold Passport | Manila


Calligraphy Style: Alon

Papers: Off White

Envelope: Cloud

With travel in full swing, everyone's looking forward to their next trip. This couple had some relatives fly from out of town to attend their wedding, so it was the perfect opportunity to make a passport invitation.

Passport invitations are not entirely new, but being grounded during the pandemic, and with destination weddings (or simply weddings) made more challenging to organize, it was most opportune to make something new.

Definitely, classiness was my priority. I don't want this to come of as a themed / gimmicky invite. Papers were luxurious to the touch, layout made by a trained eye. Their motif was really blush and pink, but for the invitations, we chose restrain and stuck to white and gold. Look how creamy it turned out.

Their venue, Palacio de Memoria, also has a vintage airplane on their grounds. So this design was the perfect fit. You'll see a glimpse of it in the instagram reels I made, which was picked up and reposted by Bride and Breakfast.




And to top if all off, 5 stars review from this awesome bride!!! <3

Congratulations, Johann & Lallie!

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