12 Creative Ways to Use Your Wedding Logo

A logo goes a long way to spruce up your celebration. It is the design that cohesively combines all the elements in the event, from the invitations, to wedding videos, to the thank you cards sent out afterwards. Choose just letters, just names, or add special icons and backgrounds for a distinctive monogram that’s especially yours.

Here's a few ideas for different ways you can use your custom logo:

1. Animated LED Screensaver

2. Floor design / Venue decor

3. Escort Cards & Place Cards

4. Giveaways 

4. Wedding Souvenir Tote Bag

5. Custom Cufflinks

6. Engraved Pocket Watch

7. Glass coin box for your unity coins

8. Ceremony Bundles

9. Luxe Ring Box

10. Personalized Acrylic Box - for date night ideas box, creative guest book, or for catching all your money envelopes or notes from guests. 

11. Vow Booklets

12. Menu Cards

The possibilities are endless! If you have other ideas on how to use your custom logo / monogram, message us and we can make it happen!