Address on Dark Envelopes


Printed envelope addressing comes in the usual CMYK colors, ideally black. This looks nice, formal and classy if the envelopes are light colored, but it won't be easy to read when envelopes are black.

Though we do have white ink printing, each pass on the printer just for 1 line is not cost effective. So I've come up with some envelope addressing alternatives to printed names.

Some of the photos below are taken from Pinterest, as inspiration. I'll soon replace them with our own photos when we have them!


1. Handwritten Calligraphy

With a dip pen, we can use white ink to handwrite the names on the envelopes. The added touch onto your envelopes will not be left un-noticed by guests, we're sure of it! Calligraphy on dark envelopes are a little bit pricier than on light colored envelopes as they have to be pencil-lined, written then erased. A buffer of 10% more of the envelopes is also needed, just in case we make a mistake.

Gold ink calligraphy on grey envelopes


2. Belly Band

The names will be printed on a separate long piece of paper, about 1-2" height, and wrapped around the envelope.


3. Twine and Tag

We'll print the names on tags tied around the envelope.


4. Tag and ribbon

An extra feminine touch, this adds a little more volume to your invite. It will also look great on boxed invitations.


5. Tag and paperclip

Names will be printed on strips of papers and paper clipped on to the envelope