Common Wedding Invitation Errors

Planning for the big day can either be stressful or fun. So many tiny details and thoughts are added to make everything just perfect.

Your wedding invitation is the first step to letting your guests know what your idea and theme for the day would be. Sometimes no matter how much we try to keep an eye on all the details, there are still a few that we tend to miss out on.


Below is the most common mistakes when creating and designing your invites. I have listed it down to help you create your perfect invite.

  • Entourage List
With all those names, we can’t help but miss out on the small details. To keep consistency, if one of the names has a middle initial, it is best to add to all or remove.
  • Titles
Same goes to titles. This would usually apply to principal sponsors, to add their formal titles. For the rest of the entourage, it is okay to not have the formal title.
  • Plurality
Another thing that is easily missed is the plurality of your entourage. Do you have more than one Best Man? Also, is your Maid of Honor married? For married Maid of Honors, it should be Matron of Honor.

  • Info Card
RSVP cards are used to let you and your coordinator account for head count on your wedding day. It is best to give ample time for your guests to be able to reply to you or your coordinator. Triple check the number written on the RSVP and make sure the numbers provided are correct and the person is aware.
  • Grammar Errors
Another thing we can easily miss is the little grammatical oversights. Its best to always re-read your texts. The most common oversight is “Cocktails and Reception to follow”, “follow” does not have an s on this instance.


At the end of the day, it does no one harm to anyone to proofread your all the
cards for your invite. Before finalizing your invite for print here are some
proofreading tips:

  • Print off all copies and grab a red pen to mark changes
  • Check, recheck and check again
  • Sleep on it and check again in the morning, no need to rush
  • Once you have checked them, have fresh eyes check them. It could be your fiancé or a parent or close friend. These people haven’t been working on your invitations closely, therefore their eyes will be fresh.
  • Read everything slowly
  • Read everything backwards
  • Say it out loud when you read it

Take your time, there is no rush! Trust me. One more day in checking everything
thoroughly is better than approving a mistaking and needing to have your
stationery reprinted or worse, entirely remade.

Working with wedding coordinators have helped us in eyeing these errors, here are some input from our featured guests:

Couples should have their parents’ names in the invitation. It will make the parents feel valued.
Take time to review the draft invitation layout - from the wordings to the names of the entourage. And make sure to have the proper titles (Hon., Dr., Atty. etc)
~Cece of Kiss the Girl Events
Ceremony time given should be 30 mins earlier than actual.
Formality alignment
Wedding is in a ballroom and a church, it should be “request the honor of your presence".
Wedding is in a garden or beach, vibe is relaxed formal “request the pleasure of your company”.
~Teena Barretto Events
Misspelling names or getting the wedding date wrong can cause confusion and frustration for guests.
~Kutchie Zaldarriaga of Getting Married
Personally, the wedding invitation is the first impression you give to your guests on what the rest of your wedding day would look like. It's important to note that the invitation should show complete details that your guests would easily understand; less complicated jargon, better for everyone.
Couples should note if there are traditions to be followed such as adding a Chinese invitation, or the overall color motif.
Couples should also be wary of their deadlines, so treat this as one of your top priorities during planning. Don't hesitate to ask for help from your planner or married friends!
~Noia of COTE Events