Instagram Filters: A Guide

We recently launched our newest product -- Instagram Filters, and it went viral! We know you're just as excited as we are about it, so here's all you need to know.

What is it for?

It is customizable for ANY EVENT: Birthdays, Bachelorettes, any milestone. All prices are for personal event use only. Brand collabs are very much welcome, please email us directly to discuss your ideas.

  • No expiry date
  • Works anywhere / everywhere
  • We will provide a URL and QR code, which you can print on your own. You can also upgrade for a printable standee layout with assembly marks.



  • 1 filter - Frame Filter
  • 2 filters - Frame filter and Selfie
  • 3 filters: Frame Filter, Selfie and Quiz

Frame Filter:

 Selfie Filter:

Quiz Filter:

How does it work?

Step 1: Choose your filter

  • Choose how many filters you need; indicate the text, design, font, and questions and answers. Check out our sample questions below for ideas.
  • Please note that if you are ordering 1 filter, it can only be the frame filter and if you are ordering 3 filters, it has to be one of each.

Step 2: Upload Photos

  • For the frame filter, you can upload photo of your invitation (if you want the design to be patterned after it)
  • Please upload a photo for the "Selfie" filter. We recommend photos that are not zoomed in, about 2/3 of the body is visible.
  • (OPTIONAL) Upload 2 more photos of the couple to use as cover image for the other filters.

Step 3: Check out and wait for our email

  • If you have any other requests, we can discuss other arrangements, additional fees may apply. You may send us an email at and don't forget to mention your order number. 

Step 4: Using the filters

  • Scan the QR codes provided
  • Go to the URL provided
  • Post a “story” on instagram, swipe left at the bottom (effects button) until you reach the end with the magnifying glass. Search yournames to see the filters. (We'll send the keyword to search)
  • Go to the @inkscribbler profile, click the tab ✨, browse my filters until you find yours


  • Printed Standee: Minimum of 20 pcs. Order in multiples of 10. Meant to be displayed on the tables, we recommend 2 standees per table. Size when assembled is about 2x3" per side
  • Standee Layout - We will prep a standee layout for you, printable on A4 sheet with assembly marks.

Explore our IG Filter on our Instagram profile page - @inkscribbler , click the sparkle button to see our filters. 


SAMPLE QUESTIONS: (we need only 10)

  1. Who is better at planning surprises?
  2. Who shops more?
  3. Who said "I love you" first?
  4. Who is more likely to want kids first?
  5. Who is a better bathroom singer?
  6. Who keeps the room messier?
  7. Who made the first move?
  8. Who cooks better pasta?
  9. Who is always to ready to splurge money on food?
  10. Who was the first to fall in love?
  11. Who never forget anniversary dates?
  12. Who always leaves the dishes on the table after eating?
  13. Who is better at managing finances?
  14. Who takes more time to get ready for outings?
  15. Who wakes up earlier?
  16. Who loves kids more?
  17. Who is a bigger party animal?
  18. Who drives better?
  19. Who never forgets to take along their mobile to the washroom?
  20. Who says sorry first?
  21. Who cries more at movies?
  22. Who doesn’t believe in organising the wardrobe?
  23. Who is the crazier one?
  24. Who has a cuter smile?
  25. Who needs more pampering?
  26. Who is poor with directions?
  27. Who is always confused about what food to order?
  28. Who falls sick more often?
  29. Who takes a longer bath?
  30. Who skips bathing the most?
  31. Who was more involved in wedding planning?
  32. Who is the first one to fall asleep?
  33. Who is never wrong?
  34. Who is more health conscious?
  35. Who has better taste in music?
  36. Who is a cry baby?
  37. Who dances better?
  38. Who is more romantic?
  39. Who snores louder?
  40. Who is more likely to start a fight?
  41. Who can’t keep a secret?
  42. Who is more likely to be late?
  43. Who cracks the lamest jokes?
  44. Who is good with saving money?
  45. Who has a better style sense?
  46. Who is moodier?
  47. Who throws maximum tantrums?
  48. Who was more studious in school/college?
  49. Who will be controlling the TV remote?
  50. Who flirts the most?
  51. Who is always hungry?
  52. Who says ‘I Love You’ more often?
  53. Who passes out first while drinking?
  54. Who is more emotional?
  55. Who will do more household chores?

Feel free to make your own questions!