Preparing your Printing File

1. File type:
  • We prefer Adobe Illustrator files.
    • Please ensure texts are outlined (“Create Outlines”)
    • Please ensure lines are outlined (“Outline Stroke”)
  • If you used photoshop, please save as PDF file
  • If you used Canva, please send the canva edit link
2. Special printing techniques
  • If some items will be in foil stamping / blind stamping / letterpress, please separate the elements into a separate layer. These elements must be in vector. Do not rasterize
  • If you used Photoshop, please separate the elements into a different file, but already in correct placement already on the artboard.
3. Sizes
  • Our standard sizes are Big card 6x8” and Small card 4.5 x 6”
  • Custom sizes available upon request
  • Bleed 0.125 inch all sides