Debut Invitation Wording

Sample text that can be used for your debut invitations.


Her dream is about to come true.

(parents’ names)

invite you to a Dinner-Dance

to celebrate the 18th Birthday

of their loving daughter

(girl’s name)

on (date) at (time)



(parents’ names)

request the pleasure of your company

as they celebrate the 18th Birthday

of their daughter

(girl’s name)


A girl turns 18th only once in her life, and on this special occasion

(girl’s name)

would love for you to join her in celebration.


The joy of your company is requested as we celebrate the 18th Birthday of (girl’s name)

on (date) at (time)



Prepare for an evening of enchantment

Only once in her life does a girl turn 18

It’s a magical time when the whole world seems to gleam

There’s a party for our princess (girl’s name)

With dancing and fun

Celebrate under the stars with everyone

on (date) at (time)



Please join us as we celebrate 

(girl’s name)'s

18th Birthday 

on (date) at (time)




Under the sky and stars is found the 18th chapter in 

the tale of a princess

Join us we celebrate a night of enchantment

(girl’s name)




Formal / semi-formal dress code


We have reserved ___ seat/s for you.

Please RSVP by (date).

Please choose between fillet or salmon, if any other

dietary concerns, please write it down.

Please mail this back in the envelope given.