Unplugged Ceremony


Going for an unplugged ceremony? Nowadays, guests can be easily distracted by taking the best photo and posting it immediately. If you'd like to request for your guests to put down their phones, here are some sample wordings we have came up with (yes, some are original poems, haha!) and compiled.




We ask you to be fully present with us,

on our once-in-a-lifetime day.

During our ceremony, we kindly ask that

you put your phones and cameras away.

Enjoy the moment and please be our guest,

and the photographer will handle the rest.

Once we are pronounced Husband and Wife,

feel free to take snap away all you want!



As we tie the knot, please be our guest.

The photographer here will do the rest.

These moments go fast as we all well know,

So put your cameras down as we've hired a pro!




We invite you to be fully present with us during our ceremony. Kindly turn off all phones and cameras, and enjoy this special moment with us! We promise to share with you all the beautiful photos captured today!



We want to see your faces, not your devices. Kindly put away your phones and cameras until after the ceremony



We invite you to be fully present, as we exchange our I do's.

No phones and cameras please, is our little request from you.