What are your services and how much are they?

Please visit http://inkscribbler.com/projects/

How can I pay?

We accept BDO and BPI deposits or online payments. For international transactions, we accept payment through our Paypal account with a handling fee charge.

What is included in the full invitation suite?

Please check out the inclusions for the full invitation suite at www.inkscribbler.com/projects

What is a ``From the Collection`` suite?

The From the Collection Suite is a ready to customize suite wherein the design is already provided and all we would need would be the wedding details you! Please check out the inclusions for the from the collection suite at www.inkscribbler.com/projects. For our portfolio please visit: http://inkscribbler.com/ftc-catalogue/ to choose which suite would suit you best as a design. Only the color of the design can be altered, the font of the content cannot be changed.

What is the difference between a full invitation suite and a from the collection suite invitation?

The full invitation suite is designed from scratch to tailor fit your dream wedding invitation while the from the collection suite is a design where in little alterations can be made such as change color motif.

What are my choices for the from the collection suite?

For our portfolio please visit: http://inkscribbler.com/ftc-catalogue/

What do I need to do so we can begin?

To start the project, we would like to request 50% down payment and remaining balance upon receipt of the designs. Kindly send a snapshot of the deposit slip to hello@inkscribbler.com to start the project.

Bank Details:

BDO Savings Account

Craftistry Inc.


BPI Savings Account

Craftistry Inc.


Please note that all payments should be sent through this email.  Please ask for your receipt and let us know if you have any requests to whom we will address the receipt to. 

How many revisions are allowed for the from the collection suite?

Only 4 free revisions are allowed for the design.

What is the turn-around time?

For full invitation suites, we finish the design in 2 months or more; this would depend on the number of revisions made. For from the collection suite suite, we would usually finish within a month and a half. It takes us at most 5-7 working days to create the first draft and 3-5 days for each revision.

Do you handle printing?

Yes, printing can be through us. Please note that printing rates are separate from the rates posted online. Rates will depend on the quantity of sets, elements used in the card and the size of the card. Printing will be settled once the design is already approved. We need 1 month lead time for printing.

The site says no more slots available. Can you still squeeze me in?

Unfortunately, no. 🙁  Our site is designed to count for exactly the maximum capacity for each workshop. Should there be anyone to forfeit his or her slot, a slot will open up for you. This will be on a first come first served basis.

Where are the locations of your workshops?

Our workshops are usually in Makati and Quezon City. However, if you would like us to visit your area soon, please send us a note and we will definitely plan it out for our future workshops!

I have not yet received confirmation after signing up. Why is that?

This may take a few hours or so. However, if you have not received the confirmation please sign up once more and let us know about the duplicate sign up.

I already paid for the workshop but have not received any confirmation of the payment. What do I do?

Please ensure that you have sent the deposit slip as stated in your confirmation email when you signed up. Once your slot is confirmed, you will receive an automated email.

Where can I look for practice sheets?

You can check out the Flourish Forum and the Curious Calligrapher online. Printable practice sheets can be downloaded from the resources page of theflourishforum.com

Do you sell workshop materials?

Kindly visit www.thecraftcentral.com for your crafty needs!

Do you have private workshops?

Yes, we do. We have a minimum of 5 members for each private workshop. Please email us at hello@inkscribbler.com for inquiries on private workshops.

Do you have one-on-one workshops?

We do not hold private lessons. You can try out  www.thecraftcentral.com‘s Scribble Kit which also includes a manual for you to work on.

How many envelopes do you need as buffer for mistakes?

We request a 10% buffer for testing our ink and the calligraphy style on the envelope. It is also for some errors that may happen.

How long does it take for you to finish writing on the envelopes?

It usually takes us 4 working days for the first 100 envelopes and additional 1 day for every 100 envelopes after

Who provides for the envelopes?

The client provides for the envelopes. This is more convenient for us and for our client as they are able to choose the right color and size they want their invites to be in.

Do you require a minimum number of envelopes for each project?

Yes, we have a minimum of 100 envelopes per project. Projects below 100 pieces will be charged with a handling fee of P200.

How much do you charge for wall projects?

The starting price for wall projects is P5,000. This will depend on the content, the design and the size of the wall to be calligraphed on.

What are your other projects?

We try our best not to limit ourselves with just notebooks, walls, and tags. If you have anything in mind, just let us know and we will do our best to have this done for you.