Rosa / Template Stamping Invitation Suite

Rosa / Template Stamping Invitation Suite

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 Rosa Suite

    • Wedding / Event Logo or Monogram (ai and png)
    • Initial Designs + 2 revisions; fees apply for succeeding revisions
    • Custom handwritten calligraphy for names and headers
    • Soft copy of invitation layout (jpeg or pdf format)
    • Free color editing to match your wedding motif

    Printing includes:

      • Quantity of cards as chosen + Envelope to fit
      • ~300gsm premium cardstock 
      • Digital flat printing
      • Design in foil stamping and/or blind stamping mix. Designs to be stamped are fixed. We can move them around, but we cannot edit (cannot make bigger, smaller, remove leaves, etc)
      • Rest of the text in digital printing

      Usually consists of

      • Main invitation
      • Entourage Card
      • Info / RSVP Card
      • 2 small cards can be converted to 1 big card and vice versa