Glamming up invitations in a rush

Planning ahead has its advantages. Paper options, extra embellishments and printing techniques are all available to you. See timelines here. But every now and then, sometimes things slip off your mind and before you know it, your family is asking where the invitations are!

We know that some details may come as last minute -- permits, testing, even a change in the date, Inquire early, even if you don't have all the details yet.

We can work on all the other details and plug in / edit those texts just before printing. We can also recommend solutions for you. I wrote about invitation tips for pandemic weddings here


If you don’t have the 3 weeks needed for foil stamping, embossing and whatnot, we’ve rounded up some quick texture solutions to make your invites look less “flat”. 

1. Wax seals

A stationery staple that you shouldn’t miss out on. We have existing designs and colors available that won’t add additional days to your project timeline. See wax seal options here.





2. Crystals

Affixing crystals onto your invitations adds about 1-2 days only. If you don’t have the time to have your names foil stamped, then this is an alternative to add sparkle.





3. Gilding

Maybe you just need a few copies for your entourage and photos, then foil stamping and debossing might be a little extravagant for your quantity. Gold gilding takes 2-4 days depending on the volume and instantly adds a luxurious texture.




4. Dried flowers And Twine

Rush invitations look “flat” because they usually don’t have a variety of texture. Adding dried flowers to your wax seal, maybe twine / string, and even a wrap will definitely take your invitations up a notch.




5. Acrylic Version

No one can say your invitations are boring if you have an acrylic invite! You can get just 1 or a few copies for photos and for keepsake.





Most of these suggestions will add little to your timeline. Please message for the availability of materials so we can plan as early as we can to expedite the processes.